Tale of the Deep-sea Lily
Favola del giglio profondo mare
Musica e liriche di n-buna
BPM 240
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Difficolta Facile: ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Normale: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Duro: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆
Estremo: ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Modulo(i) de deafult Sea Lily
Video ID sm22960446
Apparenze Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X

Tale of the Deep-sea Tale (ウミユリ海底譚 Umiyuri Kaitei Tan) è un Hatsune Miku canzone che appare nel Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X scritto e prodotto da n-buna. Può essere sbloccato sbloccando la zona Cute.


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Solo in lingua inglese

  • "An adorable girl dances and sings on a fantastical seafloor stage. Be careful not to drown by becoming too enraptured with her siren song!"


待って わかってよ
何でもないから 僕の歌を笑わないで

今 灰に塗れてく

ただ 揺らぎの中 空を眺める

夢の跡が 君の嗚咽が
波の狭間で 君が遠のいただけ

もっと縋ってよ 知ってしまうから
涙なんて なんて

取り去ってしまってよ 行ってしまうなら

空の底 灰の中で夢を描いた

今心の奥 消える光が君の背を掻き消した

触れる跡が 夢の続きが
始まらない 僕はまだ忘れないのに
光に届く 波に揺らめく 夜の奥
僕の心に 君が手を振っただけ




消えない君を描いた 僕にもっと
知らない人の吸った 愛を
僕を殺しちゃった 期待の言葉とか

もっと縋ってよ もういらないからさ

そっと塞いでよ 僕らの曖昧な愛で

待って わかってよ 何でもないから
涙なんて なんて

消え去ってしまってよ 行ってしまうなら
僕は 君は 僕は


matte wakatte yo
nandemonai kara boku no uta wo warawanaide
kuuchuu sanpo no SOS
boku wa boku wa boku wa

ima hai ni mamireteku
umi no soko
iki wo nomihosu yume wo mita

tada yuragi no naka sora wo nagameru
boku no te wo saegitta

yume no ato ga kimi no oetsu ga
utakata no niwa no sumi wo
hikari no oyogu sora ni sazameku
moji no oku
nami no hazama de kimi ga tounoita dake

motto sugatte yo shitte shimau kara
boku no uta wo warawanaide
kaichuu ressha ni tounoita
namida nante nante

torisatte shimatte yo itte shimau nara
kimi wa koko ni modoranaide
kuuchuu sanpo to yonbyoushi
boku wa boku wa boku wa

tada ai ni nomareteku
sora no soko hai no naka de yume wo kaita

ima kokoro no oku kieru hikari ga kimi no se wo kakikeshita

fureru ato ga yume no tsuzuki ga
hajimaranai boku wa mada wasurenai no ni
hikari ni todoku nami ni yurameku yoru no oku
boku no kokoro ni kimi ga te wo futta dake


sotto fusaide yo mou iranai kara
sonna uso wo utawanai de
shinjiteta tte warau you na

sakaratte shimatte yo konna sekai nara
kimi wa koko de tomaranai de
naite waratte yo ittousei
ai wa ai wa ai wa

kienai kimi wo kaita boku ni motto
shiranai hito no sutta ai wo
boku wo koroshichatta kitai no kotoba toka
kikoenai you ni waratten no

motto sugatte yo mou iranai kara sa

sotto fusaide yo bokura no aimai na ai de

matte wakatte yo nandemonai kara
boku no yume wo warawanai de
kaichuu ressha ni tounoita
namida nante nante

kiesatte shimatte yo itte shimau nara
boku wa koko de tomaranaide
naite waratte yo S-O-S
boku wa kimi wa boku wa

saishuu ressha to nakiyanda
ano sora ni oborete iku

Traduzione a cura di SEGA
Hang on Listen
It's nothing, just don't laugh at my song
An SOS strolling in the sky
I am, I am, I am

I had a dream of being covered in ash
Drinking my breath dry
On the bottom of the sea

Just Looking up at the sky In the swaying current
It drifted across my hands

The traces of a dream Your sobbing
I couldn't cough up the corners of this seafoam garden
Cutting across a sky of swimming light
In the depths of letters and between waves
You just drifted away

Oh, well...
Hold on to me You know I'll know
Don't laugh at my song
On the undersea train fading away
Tears These tears

Take them away If you're going to go
And don't come back
A walk through the sky in quadruple time
And I, and I, and I

Swallowed by the blue
I drew a dream in the ash On the bottom of the sky

Deep in my heart The faded light blotted you out

The traces I touch The continuation of the dream
Won't start Even though I won't forget them
Reaching the light Swaying on the waves In the depths of night
You waved your hand To my heart, that's all


Just gently cover it up I don't need it anymore
Don't sing those lies
There's no such thing as a happy ending
Where I laugh and say I believed you

Just fight back If this is the way the world is
Don't you stop here
Cry, laugh, a star of the first magnitude
Love, love, love

I drew a you that would never fade Give me more
This love Inhaled by a stranger
Wound up killing me Those expectant words
Laughing so I don't hear

Hold on to me I don't need it anymore

Just gently cover it up with our vague love

Just kidding
Hang on Listen It's nothing,
Just don't laugh at my dream
On the undersea train fading away
Tears These tears

Take them away If you're going to go
I won't stop here
Cry and laugh out loud SOS
I am, you are, I am

Drowning on the last train home
In a sky drained of tears



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